Wednesday, April 9

Three Exciting Weekday Lunch Ideas

It's possible to bring delicious, healthy meals to work with these easy recipes and ideas

Exciting Weekday Lunch Ideas

Is there anything more depressing than eating a boring weekday lunch? Lunch should be a relaxing break from workday chaos and if I bring a lunch that doesn't excite me, I'm more likely to spend the rest of the days feeling unsatisfied. I try to bring my lunch at least three days a week, and find that it makes life a lot easier if I do a little planning over the weekend. With these make-ahead recipes and ideas, it's easy to bring healthy and exciting lunches all week.

Bonus: Bringing food saves precious time during my lunch hour and actually gives me time to relax and disconnect from work. I like to take my lunch outside and enjoy the sun, read a book, or take a walk around the neighborhood next to my office.

Three Exciting Weekday Lunch Ideas:
  • Grain salads - It's hard for me to get excited about eating a simple green salad for lunch, but adding in grains like farro or quinoa add bulk and nutrients and keep me full. And they won't get soggy, so you don't have to store the dressing separately. 
  • Soup - I'm a big fan of eating a hot lunch, and soup is a great option. I try and make a big batch on Sunday afternoon so that I can get three or four lunches out of it. I pack a piece of bread and some fruit to round it out. 
  • Soba Noodles - Leftover noodles can be enjoyed cold or at room temperature and make a great canvas for any leftover vegetables or meat you have in your fridge. Because soba noodles are made of buckwheat, you won't crash from the carbs mid-afternoon.