About Me

Hi, I'm Caitlin Holcomb. I live in Santa Monica, California, with my husband and our two cats, Chip and Ralphie. I started Kitchen Sink Diaries in January 2011 as a way to share recipes with my friends, family, and fellow cooks around the world. I get my inspiration from all over: things I ate growing up, things I eat at restaurants, things I hear/see/read about from other cooks, and things I dream about. I try to cook something at least four-five nights a week and am always trying out new dishes. My style of cooking tends to focus on fresh produce, meat, and fish with a global influence. I'm often cooking after a full day of work so most of my recipes are quick weeknight meals or more involved weekend fare that can be re-purposed or reheated later in the week.

I love hearing from people who have cooked my recipes and I'm always happy to answer questions and provide tips. Feel free to engage me in the comments section or find me on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest.