Thursday, November 20

Thanksgiving Recipes

Favorite recipes for the most important meal of the year

I think favorite holidays change as we get older. As a kid it was all about holidays with presents, but now that I'm older, Thanksgiving is one of my absolute favorite celebrations of the year. I love the traditional foods, breaking out special wine, and spending the long weekend with friends and family. This year, my husband and I are going back to his hometown in Minnesota to spend Thanksgiving with his family. Because I work in advertising for online retailers, I am especially grateful that I get to spend this time on vacation while so many others are staying up all night in anticipation of Black Friday. I'm going to spend my time staying indoors to avoid the cold and help my mother-in-law with the Thanksgiving feast. I'm in charge of a few dishes and look forward to contributing some of my favorite recipes to the Thanksgiving table. 

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Thanksgiving Recipes:


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