Monday, January 5

KSD Anniversary & The Food Cleanse

Blogversary & The Annual Healthy Food Cleanse

Kitchen Sink Diaries Healthy Food Cleanse

Happy New Year! This time of year always signals two things at Kitchen Sink Diaries: the anniversary of this blog and our healthy food cleanse. As far as anniversaries go, I just celebrated my fourth year of blogging for KSD over the weekend. A lot changes in four years, and it's fun to look back at the old posts from my early twenties, when I had just moved in with my boyfriend (now husband) in our first apartment together. This blog has seen me through three jobs, an engagement and marriage, a move, and a whole lot of cooking. I now have over 800 recipes on here and have grown so much as a cook and blogger. It's not always easy to devote the time and energy to making my posts, but I just love hearing from people that have cooked my food and are hungry for more.

This time also marks the beginning of our annual healthy eating "cleanse", which my husband and I have done for three years. The concept has grown more popular, but the idea is to reset our bodies from the holidays with a vegetable-heavy diet that's free of dairy, gluten, processed sugars, and fatty meats. It's nice to start the year off on a healthy note and my husband always seems to lose a few pounds from it. This year, we're only doing the cleanse for a week and then are going to slowly incorporate the dairy, etc. back in our diet. This is a compromise we made so we don't get too crazy immediately after the cleanse and binge on chocolate cake and cheeseburgers like we did last year.

I'll be sharing more of cleanse recipes this week, but you can get check out posts from the previous years here, here, and here. In the meantime, here are some of my favorite healthy recipes from the KSD archives.

Healthy Recipe Favorites: