Thursday, January 2

Healthy Recipes for the New Year

Easy and delicious recipes to lend a healthy start to the New Year

Every New Year there are two types of people: those who make New Year's resolutions and those who hate the (somewhat cliche) idea of jumping on the bandwagon. I personally like the idea of resolutions, although I generally opt for more personal and attainable goals rather than the typical "join a gym and work out three days a week" ambitions. Healthy eating is always something that we try to focus on this time of year, not as a resolution per se, but as a way a to detox from the Thanksgiving through New Year's stretch of indulgent eating and drinking. We do the same thing throughout the year whenever we go on a binge during vacations, birthdays, or for whatever reason. Here are some of my favorite easy recipes to set me back on track.

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Favorite Healthy Recipes:

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