Thursday, September 11

BBQ Tri Tip Sandwiches

Thinly sliced BBQ beef, caramelized onions, and cheese, piled high on a soft roll

BBQ Tri Tip Beef Sandwiches

We had a barbecue at our house over Labor Day weekend and we grilled a few huge pieces of tri tip to serve with homemade BBQ sauce. We lucked out and had some leftovers (which is rare since we all have big appetites), which is how these sandwiches came about. In the recipe, I provide instructions for how to grill the tri tip, but you can make the sandwiches with any leftover cut of beef or even buy store-made roast beef for this dish. Using rare leftover beef is best because it won't dry out when you reheat it. The beef reheats with lots of BBQ sauce, caramelized onions, and provolone cheese for a messy, drippy, hearty sandwich that's filling enough for dinner. Serve it high on a soft roll and dig in - just make sure you have plenty of napkins around.

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BBQ Beef Tri Tip Sandwiches:
For Tri Tip

  • Heat a grill to high.
  • Combine 1 tbsp. garlic salt, 1 tsp. kosher salt, and 1/2 tsp. ground pepper in a small bowl.
  • Rub the seasoning onto 1-1 1/4 lb. beef tri tip.
  • Grill the beef for 15 minutes, turning to hit all four sides, for medium rare.
  • Let the meat rest for 5 minutes, then thinly slice.
For Sandwiches
  • Heat 1 tbsp. oil in a large skillet and add in 1 thinly sliced onion.
  • Cook the onion over medium low heat for 15 minutes, or until caramelized.
  • Add in the thinly sliced beef and 1/2 c. BBQ sauce and stir to combine.
  • Cook for a few minutes, or until warm, then arrange 4 slices of provolone cheese over the meat.
  • Place a lid on the pan and cook for another minute, or until cheese melts.
  • Halve and toast 4 sandwich rolls, then divide the meat and cheese onto the sandwiches.
Serves four