Thursday, January 31

Raw Artichoke Green Salad

They had the most beautiful globe artichokes at the farmer's market last weekend that I couldn't resist picking some up on the spot. I love them steamed, but they can also be eaten raw if sliced very thinly. This recipe is a super simple riff on my everyday green salad but adds thinly sliced raw artichoke hearts for extra crunch and flavor. It makes a wonderful side dish, but draping a little prosciutto on top and serving some bread alongside would make a delicious light lunch.

Raw Artichoke Green Salad:
  • Peel all of the outer leaves off of 2 artichokes until the hairy choke is exposed.
  • Use a spoon to dig out the chokes and a knife or sharp vegetable peeler to shave down the outer dark green layer of the stems.
  • Slice the hearts and stems very thinly and place in a bowl of cold water with a squeeze of lemon to avoid browning.*
  • Meanwhile, whisk together the juice of 1 lemon, 1 tsp. Dijon mustard, and 1 finely minced shallot.
  • Slowly whisk 3 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil into the dressing and season with salt and pepper.
  • Toss the dressing with 4 c. mixed greens** and the artichoke hearts in a large bowl.
  • Use a vegetable peeler to shave some Parmesan cheese on top.
  • Serve immediately.

Serves two-four (side dish)
*Artichokes can be preapred a few hours in advance and kept in the water before assembling the salad. No need to soak them if using immediately.
**I like a heartier mix of greens here - I used arugula, frisee, and mesclun.