Monday, November 25

Thanksgiving Recipe Guide

Nothing says Thanksgiving like roasting a whole turkey. This recipe for maple roasted turkey doesn't require more than a few ingredients and a little time to achieve the perfect bird.

Thanksgiving is this Thursday and I can’t wait to celebrate with my friends and family. My husband and I are going up to my parents’ house during the day and then we’re all meeting up at our friends’ house for a Thanksgiving dinner. It will be our biggest Thanksgiving yet (around twenty people) and therefore requires more food than ever before. There will be two turkeys, four desserts, and more side dishes than I can count. Everything has been planned out, including two pies that I’m making the day before, but I know that there’s plenty of people who are still deciding on their menu or looking for something to contribute to their host’s table. Here’s a list of easy Thanksgiving recipes that will surely be a hit at your Thursday feast.

Last-Minute Thanksgiving Menu:
- Maple Roasted Turkey
- Pumpkin Soup
- Herbed Ciabatta Stuffing
- Crispy Pancetta Brussels Sprouts
- Apple Tart

Celebrating with a small group? Skip roasting a whole turkey and make Herb Roasted Turkey Breasts with Pan Gravy instead.

Turkey isn't your thing? You're not alone. Start a new tradition and serve a Perfect Roast Chicken instead.

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