Monday, December 12

Great Grandmother's Cheeseball

A treasured family recipe that's great for entertaining

Great Grandmother's Cheeseball

My family has always loved to try out different dishes around the holidays, but the one thing I can count on eating is my great grandmother’s cheeseball. This appetizer - basically a combination of soft cheeses rolled in herbs and nuts – is addictingly delicious, and I usually can’t stop myself from filling up on it before the main course. Now that I’ve started hosting my own Christmas parties (my most recent one was held on Saturday night), it’s something that all my friends look forward to seeing on my table. It’s the perfect party snack because it’s even better made ahead of time, and it can sit out at room temperature all night so your guests to help themselves. Just make sure you serve a lot because it can disappear quickly!

Note: This recipe can easily be halved for smaller parties. Or divide the mixture in half and make two smaller cheeseballs.

Great Grandmother's Cheeseball:
  • Allow 1 1/2 lb. blue cheese, 1 lb. cream cheese, and 1 jar of Old English cheddar to come to room temperature.
  • Meanwhile, finely chop 1 c. pecans and 1 c. fresh parsley and mix together. Lay mixture on a plate or other flat surface.
  • Using your hands, thoroughly combine the cheeses with 1 grated onion, 2 -3 tsp. Worcestershire sauce, and 1/3 c. pecan-parsley mixture.
  • Roll the cheese into a ball, cover with plastic wrap, and chill in the fridge for at least an hour.
  • Remove the cheeseball from the fridge and roll in the parsley and nuts.
  • Place cheeseball back in the fridge for several hours, or until hardened.
  • Thirty minutes before guests arrive, place cheeseball on a platter and serve with crackers.

Serves one - two dozen (appetizer)