Thursday, March 8

Creamy Oyster & Mushroom Crostini

Bread is my favorite food, hands-down. When I lived alone, it wouldn’t be unusual for me to make bruschetta, garlic bread, or some other bread-plus-condiment concoction for dinner, but unfortunately my boyfriend doesn’t think that toasted baguette constitutes a meal. Bon Appetit’s recent article with Noma’s head chef (voted the world’s best restaurant, no biggie), however, got me back to my old ways with his recipe for mushroom and oyster sourdough toasts. Oysters, wild mushrooms, sourdough bread, cream – the combination was so good that my boyfriend allowed me to serve it for dinner (plus a green salad), but it would also make an elegant appetizer for a dinner party. 

Creamy Oyster & Mushroom Crostini:
  • Heat 2 tbsp. butter in a skillet over medium heat and add in two 1/2" thick slices of sourdough baguette.
  • Cook the bread for 3-4 minutes a side, or until golden brown. Repeat with 2 additional slices of bread.
  • Wipe the pan clean with a paper towel and crank the heat up to medium-high.
  • Add in 1 tbsp. olive oil and 1/2 lb. wild mushrooms,* chopped into bite-size pieces.
  • Let mushrooms cook for 2-3 minutes, or until softened. Season with salt.
  • Remove 1/3 of the mushrooms to a plate, then add in 1 large minced shallot, 1 tbsp. butter, and 1/3 c. creme fraiche.
  • Lower heat to a simmer and let cream mixture thicken for 3 minutes.
  • Add in 1/2 lb. roughly chopped, freshly shucked oysters and cook for another 3-4 minutes, or until oysters are just cooked through.
  • Stir in 1 heaping tbsp. of freshly minced parsely.
  • Divide and spoon oyster-mushroom mixture on top of bread and then layer reserved sauteed mushrooms on top.
  • Sprinkle with a little more parsley and flaked sea salt.**
  • Eat immediately, and enjoy.***

Serves four (appetizer)
Serves two (main course)
*I used hedgehog mushrooms I got at our farmers' market.
**Totally optional, but totally delicious.
***Otherwise the bread will get soggy.