Tuesday, May 8

Olive Oil-Poached Cherry Tomatoes

Use these oil-poached tomatoes as a topping to toasted bread, salads, or grilled meat

Olive Oil Poached Cherry Tomatoes

I’m sort of picky about tomatoes, meaning I don’t like them unless they’re cooked, heirlooms, or cherry. Luckily, there are so many great varieties available at farmers’ markets and grocery stores nowadays that it’s not really an issue. This recipe calls for large cherry tomatoes, but I think it would also work with smaller grape ones. They simmer for just a few minutes in olive oil until just barely cooked, which really preserves their texture and brings out their sweetness. Serve them as a side to roasted chicken or fish, add them into salads, or chop them up for the best bruschetta ever. They should keep in the fridge for at least a few days, and don’t forget to strain out the olive oil and store it for cooking other dishes or as a base for salad dressings.
Olive Oil-Poached Cherry Tomatoes:
  • Add 1 pint of cherry tomatoes to a small sauce pot and cover with olive oil.*
  • Bring a simmer and cook for 4-5 minutes, or until the skins start to peel away.
  • Remove the tomatoes with a slotted spoon, and pour the oil through a strainer.
  • Keep the oil in a jar with a tight lid.

Serves two - four (side dish)
*This requires about 1 c. of oil.