Friday, December 27

New Year's Eve Appetizers

New Year's Eve Appetizer Recipes

The meaning of New Year's Eve has taken on a lot of change for me over the past few years. Once my
favorite party night of the year, it's turned into a much more relaxed celebration with my husband and a few close friends. Rather than brave the crowds and fork over a hefty cover charge at a nearby bar, we like to host an intimate gathering at home and spend our money on good champagne and a few indulgent eats. We'll most likely have a glass in our hand all night, so I find that serving an array of appetizers is the easiest way to fill up on New Year's Eve without interfering with the fun. These easy and elegant bites can be prepped in advance and then quickly heated or assembled right before guests arrive or in waves over the course of the evening. Serve with your favorite champagne or festive cocktail and enjoy!

New Year's Eve Appetizers:

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The key to a good cocktail party (besides good cocktails!) is to make sure you're enjoying time with friends instead of spending the night in the kitchen. Here are some of my favorite store-bought items to set out as appetizers - no cooking required:
     - Smoked or Salted Almonds
     - Thinly-sliced Prosciutto or Genoa Salami
     - Herbed Boursin Cheese and Water Crackers
     - Crunchy, Juicy Green Grapes