Thursday, August 21

Grilled Cod Tacos with Citrus Slaw & Avocado Crema

Corn tortillas filled with grilled fish, crunchy cabbage slaw, and spicy avocado sour cream

Fish Tacos with Avocado Crema and Citrus Cabbage Slaw

These fish tacos are perfect for summer entertaining. You can make all the components separately, set them out on a buffet or the kitchen table, and then let everyone compose their own tacos to their liking. I used a simple spice-rubbed grilled cod for the fish, but really any type of fish or even chicken would be good here. The spicy avocado crema and citrus cabbage slaw (inspired by this Bobby Flay recipe) help to elevate this dish from a basic fish taco to something really special and shouldn't be left out. The slaw is light and crunchy and adds great texture to the taco and the crema adds a richness and kick of heat from the jalapeño. It's a healthy and fresh meal that is perfect for lunch or dinner, preferably eaten outside and enjoyed with an ice cold cerveza.

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Grilled Fish Tacos with Citrus-Cabbage Slaw and Avocado Crema:
For Avocado Crema
  • In a blender or food processor, combine 1/2 ripe avocado, 1/2 c. sour cream, 1 tbsp. chopped jalapeño, the juice of 1/2 lime, and a pinch of salt.
  • Blend until smooth and check for seasoning.
For Citrus-Cabbage Slaw
  • In a blender or food processor, combine 2 tbsp. lime juice, 2 tbsp. orange juice, 1 tbsp. mustard,  1 handful of fresh cilantro leaves, and a pinch of salt and pepper. Slowly stream in 1/4 c. canola oil until emulsified.
  • Remove the core from 1/2 a head of cabbage and then thinly slice it into shreds.
  • Toss the cabbage with the dressing and set aside.*
For Fish Tacos
  • Heat a grill or grill pan to high heat.
  • Stir together 1 tbsp. ancho chile powder, 1 tsp. cumin, 1 tsp. kosher salt, and 1/2 tsp. brown sugar in a small bowl.
  • Brush 1 lb. boneless skinless cod fillet with canola oil and sprinkle the seasoning mixture on top.
  • Grill the cod for 4 minutes, then flip and cook for another 4 minutes, or until just opaque in the center.
  • Add 8 corn tortillas to the grill and cook for about 30 seconds, or until warm.
  • To assemble the tacos, spoon some crema into the tortillas, top with pieces of fish, then top with some of the slaw.

Serves four
*The slaw can be prepared an hour or so in advance. It's actually better if it sits for at least 30 minutes so that the flavors can meld together.