Monday, October 24

Sweet & Spicy Asian Wings

Sweet, sticky, spicy baked chicken wings

Sweet and Spicy Asian Wings

I’ve been a fan of the Big Girls Small Kitchen blog ever since I saw one of the creators on an episode of Barefoot Contessa a few years ago. It’s a premise that’s not much different than my own, featuring recipe ideas from two twenty-somethings for cooking and entertaining on a budget. I love how simple and easy their dishes are, so when I recently stumbled upon their recipe for Asian-style chicken wings I knew I had to try it myself (with a few tweaks). Anyone with a well-stocked pantry and fridge should be able to whip these up on the fly (all I had to do was buy the chicken) and enjoy a new take on classic Buffalo wings. Bonus points for baking and broiling them in the oven, which is a much healthier alternative to the usual deep-fried method.

Sweet & Spicy Asian Wings:
  • Preheat the oven to 400F.
  • Dry 2 lbs. of chicken wings* with a paper towel, then toss with 2 tbsp. canola oil and season with salt and pepper.
  • Spread wings into one layer on a large baking sheet** and bake for 30 minutes.
  • Turn on the broiler and cook the wings for another 10 minutes or until crispy, flipping the wings over halfway through.
  • Meanwhile, heat 1 tbsp. sesame oil in a small saucepan.
  • Add in 1 tbsp. grated ginger and 3 minced garlic cloves and cook until fragrant but not brown.
  • Whisk in 2 tbsp. rice vinegar, 1 tsp. Sriracha, 1/4 c. honey, and 2 tbsp. soy sauce and cook until the mixture reaches a syrup-like consistency.
  • In a large bowl, toss the wings with the sauce and 1 tbsp. chopped scallions until the chicken is fully coated with the mixture.
  • Sprinkle with extra scallions and serve.

Serves two-four (main course)
Serves six (appetizer)
*These are full chicken wings, not already broken down into separate drummette pieces.
**Line the sheet with foil for easy clean up.