Monday, October 17

Weekend Review: Seattle

Seafood on display at Pike Place Fish Co.

I just got back from a reunion in Seattle, WA with my former college roommates where we indulged (sometimes excessively) in some of our favorite activities: imbibing, cheering on the CU Buffaloes, and eating delicious food. We had a busy schedule and gourmet food wasn't always a priority, but all the girls love to eat and we enjoyed some amazing meals. From the exquisite small plates at Black Bottle to the innovative Japanese fusion at Japonessa, I got a glimpse of the expansive and impressive Seattle food scene. My favorite place was the Pike Place Market, where I ogled their beautiful selection of fresh fish, sipped a caramel apple cider from the original Starbucks, and purchased a travel-sized bottle of fresh Tayberry* jam. It was so fun to be reunited with my friends and although I would’ve have a great time just by the company I was with, the food certainly sweetened the deal.

*A tayberry is a cross between a blackberry and a raspberry.

Bacon Lemon Scallops & Frizzled Kale at Black Bottle
Smokey Wild Boar Ribs at Black Bottle
Garlic Basil Shortribs at Japonessa
Calamari with Sweet Chili Glaze at Japonessa