Wednesday, June 20


I usually like to live by a less is more philosophy, in that I'd rather have something with a few really great ingredients than something with a lot of mediocre ingredients. This is why I don't really enjoy salad bars or any other make-your-own restaurants that are so popular nowadays. So it was super refreshing to get introduced to the bocaditos at Blue Fog Market during my recent trip to San Francisco. They are basically mini sandwiches containing a few ingredients, my favorite being the salami, cream cheese, and honey on a baguette. It's such a simple snack, but if you use really great ingredients it's guaranteed to be delicious. The salty-sweet combination of the salami and honey is truly genius.

Salami, Honey, and Cream Cheese Bocaditos:

  • Slice a small baguette in half and generously spread both sides with cream cheese.
  • Layer in slices of salami and drizzle with honey.

Serves two - three