Friday, May 6

Strawberry & Meringue Parfaits

I know it's the beginning of summer when every vendor at the farmer's market starts selling strawberries. I usually cut off the tops and keep them in a bowl with a squeeze of fresh lime juice, but it's so easy to make a fast dessert with them. I had some store-bought meringues in my pantry, so I made a quick version of eton mess (a parfait with meringue cookies, whipped cream, and fruit). The presentation is beautiful, and no one has to know that it only takes minutes to make.

*See tips for storing fresh berries and no-cook strawberry recipes here.

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Strawberry & Meringue Parfaits:
  • Wash, dry, and slice one pint of fresh strawberries. Mix with 1 tsp. - 1 tbsp. sugar*. Set aside.
  • Meanwhile, use a whisk or mixer to whip 1 c. heavy cream with 1 tbsp. sugar and 1 tsp. vanilla extract, until it forms light peaks. Set aside.
  • Roughly crush 6 meringue cookies into bite-size pieces.
  • To assemble parfait, place some of the meringue pieces in the bottom of a glass. Top with a large tbsp. of strawberries, then a large tbsp. of whipped cream. Repeat until glass is full.

Serves four
*Depending on the berries' sweetness and your preference.