Sunday, March 13

Weekend Review: Animal

Poutine: Duck-fat Fries with Oxtail Gravy & Aged Cheddar

My boyfriend's foodie friend and faithful KSD reader was visiting from out of town, so I knew we had to impress him with some of L.A.'s greatest eateries. Ever since I went to Animal last year I've been telling people it's my favorite restaurant in the city, so it was an obvious choice for dinner Saturday night. The restaurant is a meat-lovers dream, with an emphasis on dressed-up comfort food. Their poutine (which traditionally is french fries covered in cheese curds and gravy) features duck-fat fries and an oxtail gravy thickened with foie gras. I can't wait to try the chefs'/owners' newly opened second restaurant, Son of A Gun, in a few weeks.

Rabbit Sausage, Ricotta Gnocchi and Dandelion Greens
Octopus with Brown Mustard & ChowChow

Buffalo Style Pork Tails
Foie Gras with Biscuit & Maple Gravy
Hamachi Tostada
Pig Ear with Chili, Lime, & Fried Egg