Monday, March 28

Weekend Review: Son of A Gun

Skatewing, Boniato, Red Wine

I'd been looking forward to the opening of Son of A Gun for months now, after hearing buzz that the duo behind Animal were finally ready to open a second restaurant. When we arrived, I immediately spotted Chef Dotolo overseeing the kitchen and knew we were in good hands. Although Son of a Gun's seafood concept seems like a stretch from Animal's meat-centric menu (check out the gluttonous meal I had there last month), their whimsical play on classic dishes stayed true to their aesthetic. Our favorites were the skatewing, lobster roll, and fried chicken sandwich (their signature dish). Of course, the shaken pina colada I ordered only helped to enforce the great experience.

Lobster Roll, Celery, Lemon Aioli
Fluke Crudo, Raita, Oro Blonco, Pineapple, Mint
Fried Chicken Sandwich, Spicy B&B Pickle Slaw, Rooster Aioli
Salmon Sashimi, Beets, Pickled Ramps
Shrimp Toast Sandwich, Siracha Mayo
Pink Grouper, Pho Fumet, Herbs, Lime, Bok Choy
Geoduck Sashimi
Shaken Pina Colada
Flourless Chocolate Cake, Coconut Ice Cream, Banana, Peanuts
Frozen Lime Yogurt, Graham Crumble, Toasted Meringue
*Photos by Blair