Tuesday, January 31

Super Bowl Menu Planning

Chips and dip are an easy crowd-pleaser. Pictured: Homemade Guacamole

We’ll be hosting our annual Super Bowl party this Sunday (see last year’s here), which is basically just an excuse for me to cook up indulgent comfort foods. Although I’m not a huge football fan (it’s hard to be passionate when L.A. doesn’t even have a team), this party is something I look forward to all year simply because I get to eat like it’s Thanksgiving Day. In my opinion, the key to hosting a successful, stress-free party is to keep things simple and make everything in advance. I suggest keeping finger foods out all day and then letting something warm simmer on the stove so that guests can help themselves throughout the game.

Casseroles can be prepped a day in advance and then reheated right before your guests arrive. Pictured: Tex-Mex Mac & Cheese
Football and wings go hand and hand, but putting a spin on the classic will surprise your guests. Pictured: Sweet & Spicy Asian Wings
Let a comforting stew simmer on your stove during the game and have your guests help themselves. Pictured: California Turkey Chili
Cookies are a sweet end to a meal and are an easy item to bring to a friend's party. Pictured: Coconut Lace Cookies with Chocolate Drizzle