Wednesday, August 31

Tuesday Night Food Trucks

Lobster Roll With Butter from the Lobsta Truck

Living in L.A., I'm so stranger to food trucks (a trend that's now present in almost every major city nation-wide), but it's not something I actually seek out very often. It's not that the food isn't delicious and cheap, because it is usually both, but I don't like having to search twitter every time I'm craving some truck food. Luckily, every Tuesday night a group of trucks congregate on Main Street in Santa Monica, providing ample options for delicious international cuisine. My boyfriend and I tried two trucks, the Lobsta Truck and the Ta Bom Truck (Brazilian Food), and I can't wait to go back soon and explore more options. Plus, I'm still regretting not getting a shaved ice snow cone from A Rockin Ice for dessert.

Grilled Steak Burrito from Ta Bom
Chicken & Cheese Pastel from Ta Bom