Wednesday, August 3

Weekend Review: Portland Breweries

Beer Tasters at Bridgeport Ale

While admittedly not a beer person (although quite a beer bong champ in my college days), I had to take advantage of all the local breweries during my recent vacation to Portland. And really, it was refreshing to wash down some of the great food we had with a cold, crisp beer. My boyfriend's favorite is Rogue Brewery for its award-winning Hazelnut Brown Nectar, while I prefer the lively atmosphere at Deschutes. And because this weekend was all about indulging, we hit up the Oregon Brewfest, which featured over 80 beers from breweries around the country. Luckily we can still enjoy many of these drinks back at home, since most of these beers can be found at specialty liquor stores or Whole Foods.

Mirror Pond Pale Ale at Deschutes Brewery's Happy Hour