Monday, August 15

Weekend Review: Amandine

French Toast with Fresh Strawberries

I discovered Amandine Cafe a couple years ago, as it's located just a few blocks away from my old apartment in West L.A. It's an authentic French bakery that serves up amazing pastries (their croissants rival those I've had in Europe), omelettes and cappucinos. The storefront is covered in green ivy and there is ample outdoor seating in the back, which is the perfect spot to linger over your morning breakfast. When my boyfriend and I first started dating, I discovered that he also frequented Amandine, and we've been enjoying weekend brunch there ever since. We went back this Saturday and split a bunch of our favorites on the menu, including the Napa omelette and their heavenly chocolate croissant.

Coffee & Chocolate Croissant Tide Us Over While We Wait for the Rest of the Meal
Napa Egg-White Omelette - Chicken, Green Pepper, Swiss Cheese, Tomato, & Caramelized Onions