Tuesday, August 2

Weekend Review: Portland

Muu Paa Kham Waan - Grilled Boar Collar with Chili, Lime, Garlic Sauce at Pok Pok
Gnocchi Parisienne, Peas, Portabello, Pistou at Little Bird Bistro
Eggs Benedict at Mother's

My boyfriend and I just got back from a highly-anticipated trip to Portland, Oregon, to attend our friends' fabulous wedding. I first visited Portland a few years ago and have been dying to get back to the city, which reminds me a great deal of one of my other favorite places, Boulder, Colorado. They have an amazing food scene that has been getting a ton of press in recent years, and it was impossible to decide where we should spend our few precious meals. I was more than happy with our final choices (even after enduring a 90 minute wait for Pok Pok), but I could probably spend years in that city and still discover new, great gems.

Mussels, Rouille, & Anchovy Toast at Little Bird Bistro
Mac N Cheese with Cheddar & Kettle Chip Crust at Bridgeport Ale
Kung Op Wun Sen - Prawns Baked in a Clay Pot with Pork Belly & Noodles at Pok Pok
Stuffed Frittata with Potatoes, Bacon, & Cheddar at Mother's