Thursday, April 7

Beginner's Dinner

Penne with Turkey Sausage

Cooking has always been easy for me, but a lot of people are intimidated to step into the kitchen and get their hands dirty. I've gotten a lot of questions from readers as to which of my recipes is easiest, so I put a list together of some of my favorite fast and easy meals. Just follow the instructions and my special tips and you'll be making gourmet meals in no time! My boyfriend even tried the penne pasta last night without my help and it came out perfectly.

Beginner's Meals:
  • Penne with Turkey Sausage & Vegetables: Pasta is a great dinner option for new chefs. For an even faster version of this recipe, buy bulk sausage without casings. You can easily substitute William Sonoma's Rustic Vegetable Sauce with whatever store-bought sauce you like.
  •  Sweet Chili Salmon: Cooking fish can be intimidating, but this recipe is fool-proof. If the broiler is fully pre-heated and the salmon is cut into 6 oz. pieces, then you'll have perfectly cooked fish in just 10 minutes (after marinating time).
  • Asian Noodles with Chicken: These udon noodles cook exactly like pasta, but your guests won't know how easy they are to make. Try to cut your vegetables and meat into same-size pieces so that they'll all cook at the same time.

Sweet Chili Salmon
Asian Noodles with Chicken